Dashboard Widgets for (Web) Design and Development

Apple Dashboard Widgets for Design and Development

Here’s an list of some Mac OS Dashboard Widgets which I use for web design and development purpose.

Comments are welcome, link to your favorite Widget.

Designers Toolbox

Designers Toolbox 2.5

Designers Toolbox, my favorite all-in-one Dashboard Widget, boasts a number of useful features including image calculator and page sizes, unit converter, upload/download time calculator, HTML entities, blindtext generator, and a em calculator for graphic and web design in the free version (v 1.0.2).

The picture above shows the version 2.5, which is RedWineWare (cheers!) and including some additional features like a project-timer, a colorwheel, a weight calculator for print projects and the option to choose between classic Lorem Ipsum blindtext and german blindtext.

For more information visit: qxm.de

CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS Cheat Sheet Widget

This widget displays the much of the essential information from the CSS Cheat Sheet from Added Bytes.

It’s free to use and licensed under the Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)

Source: begoodnotbad.com

Tags – CSS, HTML, and PHP

With this series of Dashboard Widgets you can easily look up CSS, HTML, and PHP attributes, tags, functions, and properties. Once you’ve found the Tag you are looking for, you can click on the result to copy it to your clipboard.

Tags CSS Default
Search for CSS Properties and Attributes, click to copy the text to the Clipboard. Version 1.4 – Released 6/16/07 (Download)

Tags HTML Default
Search for HTML tags by Tag Name and Property, click to copy the text to the Clipboard. Version 1.4 – Released 6/16/07 (Download)

Tags PHP Default
Look up PHP functions, click on the function example to copy the text to the Clipboard, click on the function name to be linked to the PHP Online Documentation in your web browser. Version 1.4 – Released 6/16/07 (Download)

HTML Tidy Widget

HTML Tidy Widget

This widget allows you to use HTMLTidy to clean up your HTML code directly from your Dashboard.

Simply enter your HTML code and click “Tidy It!” and you will get nicely formatted valid HTML, XHTML, or XML, and a list of any errors and warnings encountered.

You can specify your configuration options on the back of the widget.

Version 1.1 – Released 4/9/06 (Download)

HTML Entity Character Lookup

HTML entity lookup Widget

The widget works in the same way the web version does, and does not require an Internet connection to function.

Clicking on the particular row will copy the html entity code to the clipboard.



Dashalytics Widget

Dashalytics is a free Dashboard Widget for your Apple Mac that offers quick access to Google Analytics statistics.

You can easily have multiple widgets open to track statistics on multiple sites. Dashalytics also uses the Keychain to securely store your password.

A must for any web developer and website owner.


Web Monitor Widget

webmonitor Widget

Monitors your servers or any other web site. The widget checks the response time periodically with a HTTP HEAD request which doesn’t put much impact on the server.

It shows a response time chart, response time statistics and has an error log where you can see when and why requests to the server failed.


Kuler Dashboard Widget

Kuler Widget

Kuler Dashboard Widget is a window into the world of Adobe Kuler – Adobe’s newly updated web-based color theme serch and share application.

This widget puts the latest and best color scheme’s right at your fingertips, along with the hex values.


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  1. Al. says:

    gude. designer tool box ist ja mal sehr praktisch. 🙂

    danke für den tip.

    und weiter so. wünsch dir viel erfolg!

    • dan_djorgi says:


      Ja, Designers Toolbox hat für deutlich mehr Platz auf meinem Dashboard gesorgt, da es gleich mehrere andere Widgets ersetzten konnte. 🙂

  2. web designer says:

    Thanks u r information

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