GEDANKENGUT EP – New Release out now!

GEDANKENGUT EP - by Daniel Djorgimajkoski

Another release on Royal Biscuit is out now. The three track EP “GEDANKENGUT” is available on iTunes and online stores.

“Another big one that will shake your butt on the floor! With this triplet-EP he once more flows on a deep grooving wideness. ”Klopfer” knocks with a steady bell-like tune on your head surrounded by chords and vocal snippets. ”Signal” sneaks from behind into your brain with a solid and funky bassline that rides along with wide pads and harmonies. ”Shooby” swings deeply with its chords that are embedded in a warm cushion of pads.” RB

Artist: Daniel Djorgimajkoski | Releasedate: March 2009 | Genre: Minimal House/Tech House

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