Side Chain Compression in Logic Pro

Sat | August | 1st | 2009

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This is a description of how I use side chain compression in Logic Pro 8.
The concept is very similar in most other sequencers.

The most common use for side chain compression is to make more room for your instruments in the mix by letting a key input signal trigger a compresssor or limiter.

I use side chain compression mostly on bass/subbass tracks triggered by a kickdrum (commonly called kick/bass compression or bassducking) to either make that well-known “pumping effect” or just mix the bass in louder and get some extra dB in the mix.

In most cases I use two kickdrum tracks, one “main” kickdrum, and a second kickdrum (on which I can use different EQ and envelope settings) to trigger the bass compressor. Using that extra kick for the bass compression instead of the main kick keeps the compression on the bass line if the main kick isn’t playing, say in the intro, break, etc.

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